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Our community of coaches and runners work together to reach the same goal: a better, healthier and more enjoyable way of running.

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When? February 22nd, 2020 [12pm-2pm] Where? Studio 1002 Pilates > 1002 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago IL 60614 How Long? 2 hours How Much? 55$ Read More

Want to know what you're going to learn in the Runity Fundamentals Online Course? You're in the right site! Have a glimpse of some the different modules of the course for free: The Fundamentals Of Painless Running: Learn how a deep scientific foundation is the key to improve your runners’ experience. Running Video-Analysis: Open your eyes and learn how to assess the most relevant variables that influence in running safety and efficiency. Running Movement Screening: Understand the importance of movement control to improve running performance and safety. Running Injuries: Expand your knowledge of the most common running injuries and learn strategies to return to run safely. Read More

Running is a skill and to get the most of it, you need to know the rules. The rules are based on running biomechanics, workload optimization, movement conditioning and neurophysiology. Knowledge of these aspects will allow you to understand the best way to start, progress and keep running faster, further and for the rest of your life. Register to our online course and explore the fundamental characteristics of safe and efficient running practice. Apply them to your clients, students or yourself and enhance the performance while preventing the most common running injuries. Take advantage of this special launch offer  for only $100 , soon the price will be $200. Read More

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