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I am a Physical Therapist, Mover, Runner, Movement Practitioner and Running Coach, but above all I am a Entrepreneur who loves new challenges. My goal is to improve people’s health through movement, education and empowerment. After 18 years of experience I have found the simpler strategies that creates amazing changes in my clients. Now I’m focus in finding the way to apply this knowledge to impact the whole world in an effective and affordable way.




As a movement professional, I have been involved in physical activity for over 18 years. During this time I have explored different ways to make sports come alive for all involved.  Now, as a Running Coach and Physical Therapist, I am especially interested in rehabilitation for runners both in managing and preventing running-related injuries. My goal is to make pain-free running available to everyone who desires to lace up their shoes and also to inspire non-runners to become runners.





I am excited about what makes people passionate about life and want to help them achieve their goals by finding ways to bring out their best. I am a Pilates instructor and running coach. With a background in both fitness and as a family therapist, I can facilitate change on both a physical as well as emotional level.





As a Runner, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Exercise Scientist, Researcher and National Paralympic Classifier. I am fascinated by the way our bodies move whilst running. I want to spread that enthusiasm and educate my peers and the public to run well and to run for life. I live and work proactively and I look forward to working with every single client to prevent injuries and keep them running.




Brad has been a professional athlete, running the 400m and 4x400m relay at World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympics, among other international‐level events. He is now focused on coaching athletes and passing on knowledge that he had gained throughout his career. He has qualifications in Pilates and Athletics Coaching 





Daniel Dittmar is an Australian Exercise Physiologist with more than 20 years in the exercise and fitness industry. He is Asia’s first Runity Running Conditioning Master Trainer, and he owns and operates Focus Pilates two of Singapore’s largest and best equipped Pilates and Physiotherapy centres. He also travels around Asia teaching Polestar Pilates instructor and Runity Conditioning courses.


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